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Welcome to the web site of 'Snappers'. We are self help group of photographers.

We welcome everyone - all ages, levels of experience and with no limits in terms of catchment area.

We don't claim to be experts, but we enjoy trying and learning together. We have been pleased to welcome several new members recently and numbers at meetings average around 26 these days.


Our Meetings

We meet at 1.30pm on the first Friday afternoon of each month. You are welcome to arrive a little earlier if you would like to have a chat with the leader of our group.

Our April meeting welcomed three guests. They had the opportunity to hear members describing the work they had brought to show from three different exercises. First there was the output from the previous month's tabletop practical session, second was the 'Reflections' challenge and finally the 'Industrial Landscape' challenge. We began with a great selection of digital images in a wide variety of subjects and, after a good social interlude, we looked at the prints two of our number had prepared and brought.

Our venue for hall-based meetings is: Beckingham Village Hall, Southfield Lane, Beckingham, Doncaster, DN10 4QA

Our next monthly meeting takes place Friday 3rd May when two of our members will talk about how they use flash for portraiture. Many thanks to Paul Lancaster, a long standing member, and Russ Smith, one of our newer members, for agreeing to do this for us. They have asked that everyone brings their camera and a tripod should they wish to, to take a couple of quick shots. We will then be challenged to take these home and process them before Paul and Russ tell us how to go about the whole process properly the following month. In June we will need to have someone to photograph, so it would be helpful if members could bring hats, umbrellas, items of clothing which can be simply put on or other props to create an atmosphere and a photographic opportunity.

Please check the web site before attending in case of last minute changes. They will be posted here if at all possible.

Photography Challenge Topic

The challenge for May and June is quite straightforward - to get some images of spring so that we have something to show if next month's planned activities leave time to spare. If we don't use the images at that meeting, we will fit them in on another occasion.

If you are bringing digital images to show at any time, please create one separate folder on your stick marked with the month they will be shown. If you are including two sets, please make a labelled sub folder for each set (not for each image) and save your images to the relevant one. Please include your own name in the title of each image to ensure you get the credit for any that are used in publicity. If you can find a way to mark your name on your stick, it would speed the loading process at the start. Thank you.

If anyone has any ideas for challenges or subjects for our afternoon meetings, please let John know or bring your suggestions to the meeting.

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