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Friday 8th November

Several members were spotted at the Lincoln camera event, some clutching bags, so who knows what new kit may have been bought, and with the benefit of a good discount too. Not to mention the opportunity to hear speakers of the calibre of Tesni Ward.

Sadly the weather, though a vast improvement on the previous day of floods, was not good so we doubt many photos will have been taken. Members are welcome to bring images of Lincoln taken at any time to the next critique session on 22nd.

Friday 15th November

We will be returning to the Retford & Gainsborough Garden Centre between 1.30 and 3.30pm to photogrpah the environment which will include their Christmas stock. There is a n ice cafe on site and members are asked to prepare a collection of at least 6 digital images to present to them after our critique session the following week, when we will also be looking at images of Lincoln.

Christmas Lunch Balance

19 people are booked for our Christmas lunch at the Markham Moor Inn. Please note that the full price is 25 a head and, as voted last week, there will be no club subsidy. We now need menu choices and final balance from the few yet to provide them. To confirm your choices please download the options here (page 3) and return the selection table at the Garden Centre or by 22nd November at the latest, completed with your name and that of your guest if you are bringing one and ticks against your selection(s) for each course. Please ensure we can tell who is ordering which dishes. Thank you.

Please email some new images to enable us to refresh the web site. They should come to: photos@snappers.org.uk

Photography Challenge Topic

Camera School Module 6, which we are working on this month, is 'Spooky Spectre'. Your entries need to be submitted by the due date at the end of November

This  module will involve both night time work and long exposures. A model will also be needed, so members may need to work in pairs or enlist the assistance of a friend. The magazine suggests a spooky costume and background, despite their own photos showing models in ordinary clothes. It will be interesting to see what members come up with.

If you do not wish to submit your image for marking, please still have a go at the technique or work on some similar so that you can take part in the critique session. There is no requirement to participate in the programme being run by the magazine. This is not a competition. The magazine undertakes only to mark the work submitted against their own criteria, not in a general judging situation. If you are submitting, you should read the article and tips cards in the front of Practical Photography and follow their brief if you want to be marked well.

Please email some new images to enable us to refresh the web site. They should come to: photos@snappers.org.uk

Our Meetings

We meet at 1.30pm on a Friday afternoon you are welcome to arrive a little earlier if you would like to have a chat with the leader of our group.

The Willow Works
51 Old Trent Rd
DN10 4PY

Please check the web site on Fridays in case of last minute changes. They will be posted here if at all possible.

Annual Competition

We will be holding a competition for images taken during 2019 on 17th January 2020. Members might like to start thinking how their portfolio of recent images looks and what might be  needed to produce a good group of images for this event.

We have a couple of portrait sessions coming up as well as the trip to the Garden Centre, so they may provide last minute opportunities to add to your entry.